5 Sure Benefits of Joining a Golf Club

5 Sure Benefits of Joining a Golf Club

When you find a golf club that’s ideal for you, it not only helps to improve your game but also benefits you in many different ways, making them so popular among golfers. Golf enthusiasts have discovered that being a member of a golf club is a very convenient way of enjoying golf regularly. Moreover, it benefits your business as well as your family and friends!

Here are 5 of those wonderful benefits that you can avail by getting a membership for a golf club if you are passionate about the sport.


Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of all, is the bonds of friendship and a sense of community that you may feel when with the other club members. Clubs usually take pride in providing its members a respite from the drudgery of everyday life and promote the relationships formed at both the course and off it. Family members can enjoy this too with not just golf but a drink or a hearty meal by the pool.

Superb Playing Conditions

When it comes to playing conditions, a golf club leaves no stones unturned to keep their course in the best of conditions and impeccable venue with proper maintenance. No just this, it also lets you enjoy lesser foot traffic on the course and fewer divots.

Higher Game Efficiency

Being a member of a private golf club allows you to be worry free of the pace of your game. Due to very few players on the course, you can finish a round in under 4 hours, a major advantage for those golfers who have a busy lifestyle and cannot devote 5-6 hours to a single round of golf.

Financial Benefits

Though the thought of a private golf club membership seems like an expensive affair, it is actually a money saver deal when you add the course fees, maintenance and repairs etc. Apart from course discounts, a membership plan typically offers discounts on repairs, golf lessons and more. Besides, you can also enjoy other amenities of your golf club such as swimming pool.

Forms a Family

Being a member of a private club feels like being the member of a close knit family especially when the waiters know your name or having golf buddies etc, which gives you a sense of belonging.

So, all in all, it is a great idea to find a golf club of your choice. The best and the most convenient way to do this is through the special sites dedicated to searching of golf clubs.


No Need to Trawl Through Social Media Nonsense, With Clubface-golf.com, Just Talk Golf

Our research has shown that people are being turned off generic social media because the content added by ‘friends’ and/or colleagues is not relevant. The desperate need to build your friend base has resulted in having to trawl through content from people you would not normally have the same conversation with. Rather than creating an awkward situation by blocking or deleting that ‘friend’ we found people just removed themselves from the platform.


Social media is not the issue, but how we have chosen to use it. It is a relatively new concept and ‘friend harvesting’ was seen as an endorsement of ones social status in the beginning, with little thought to the consequences. Whilst I am happy that Jimmy I went to school with 20 years ago is happily married with 2 children and a great job, I don’t really care that his cat brought a mouse into the house at 3 am, or he fondly remembers his granny who past away 30 years ago today!!

So people are now moving to the elements of generic social media they do like, Linkedin to discuss business, Instagram to share pictures, Whatsapp for messaging etc.

This does not mean there is no desire for social media, or the applications within it, we just believe that people would be more comfortable using social media that is relevant to their lives, where discussions involve their interests with like minded individuals.

We have created a vertical social media site for golfers, Homepage – Clubface-Golf (http://www.clubface-golf.com) , it offers the opportunity for the golfing community to engage with each other about golf and their golf clubs, it is a com interests without having to find out what 60% of their online friends are having for dinner tonight!munication channel for the golf clubs to communicate with their members and guests and it is about GOLF.

The golf club I am a member of at the moment currently updates its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and google pages daily in the vein hope they will cover all of their members, they also email a monthly news letter?!? (this does still happen).

Vertical social media allows them to funnel all of their members through one channel with content that is relevant and the members can discuss their interests without having to find out what 60% of their online friends are having for dinner tonight!