I am delighted to introduce you to a brand-new golf business, concept and service that is already rapidly becoming the golfing world’s “Social Network”, Clubface-Golf.

The website and app (available in both iOS and Android) is global and available in 80+ languages and has had huge support and backing from various golf industry people including long time European PGA Pro and Senior Tour member, D. A. Russell, a Director of ClubFace-Golf.

The two principle features of the site benefit the individual golfer and golf clubs around the world and this is the main purpose of this message.

For the Individual Golfer

ClubFace-Golf is about community, encouraging club members to socialise online and receive important notifications from their club. Exclusive to ClubFace-Golf is the chance for a member of one club to ask to play at another private member’s club via our easy to use Play Request feature.

Members can chat to their golf buddies about favourite equipment, golfing tips and organise their next round of golf all through the one site/app; ClubFace-Golf.


The registration is a simple process for individual golfers and is completely free and will always remain that way.

What We Do for Golf Clubs:

The advantages to golf clubs joining the site are numerous and I will explain some of the benefits:

Communication with members through the wonders of Push Notifications which will:

  • Eradicate the need for newsletters or emails to your members by communicating with them in real time.
  • Update your members in real time about course issues, using the ‘Messaging’ function. This will send a push notification to your members – for example on a Sunday morning, competition day, the weather is bad and the course closed. One quick message and a notification will go to all members and save your pro-shop from being bombarded with phone calls all morning.
  • Send messages to just members, just playing guests or both, depending on the message you want to get out
  • Update members about club competition results (including pictures and videos) using the ‘Clubhouse 19th’ and posts on this will show on your members ’19th’ profile page too
  • Food and beverage, club shop, club professional and green keeping staff can post messages to your members for upcoming events and promotions or course news
  • Encourage playing guests to join your Clubface-Golf group will give you a unique marketing channel to these possible future club members
  • Encourage members to accept ‘Play Requests’, this will increase green fees to your club as well as opening new opportunities for potential new members

That’s Not All! – The My Golf Day Feature:

This is a fantastic concept which should enable you to have more visiting societies to your club and naturally increase revenue for all departments.

Individuals that are members of ClubFace Golf can set up golf days, whether it is a tournament, charity day or society. Once the society is on the site, the organiser, can then send all clubs within a defined geographical area of where they are wanting to hold their event (for instance 25 miles) a notification that they are looking to book a golf day for a certain number of players on a given date or date range and ask those clubs what they would like to offer their Golf/Charity day and at what cost.

The golf club then has the option to send a price, by a pre-determined cut-off date, back to the event organiser through ClubFace Golf. At the cut-off date for clubs to respond, the organiser selects the offer that is acceptable and this will automatically send a booking confirmation to the club of choice, hopefully yours!

At this point, people that have elected to be in that society, through the site, will get a message confirming date, time, location, what the offer is and the cost involved. They will also have a ‘Pay Here’ button where they can pay to confirm their place. When all funds are received by ClubFace Golf, they will be paid to the Golf/Charity day administrator who then liaises with the club about making the final payment.

It is a complete golf day solution from the formation of the society, to the course booking, right through to registration and payment.

If any golf club in the specified area is not a member of ClubFace Golf they naturally will not receive the event request and will lose out on the opportunity of hosting the day and hence a loss or revenue.


The normal cost to a golf club to be a member of ClubFace Golf is only £15.99 per month. However, as a special introductory rate we are offering this at just £9.99 per month or a one off annual payment of £/$/€ 100. This only applies to new registrations if joining by 1st August 2017.

This really is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your members, course visitors and to generate extra income that groups bring to your club.