6 Traits To Look For When You Need A Golf Partner

6 Traits To Look For When You Need A Golf Partner

All golf players need a golf partner that they can count on to share a good game with. When you decide to play golf with friends, you need to make sure that they’ll make good golf partners as well. Here are a few common traits that your golf partner should have:

1. Someone Who is Considerate Towards Your Game

Imagine you’re standing over the golf ball, ready to hit it, but your golf partner just can’t stop chattering or fidgeting with their pockets. Now that’s only going to break your concentration. You should choose a golf partner who is considerate enough to understand that you need the quiet and a conducive atmosphere when preparing for a golf shot.

2. Someone Who is Sincere And Quick Enough

Don’t expect your golf partner to be super quick; but that also doesn’t mean that they move at a sluggish pace during their preshot routine, making you wait forever for your turn. Even though it’s a great idea to play golf with friends, take care to pick a friend who is sincere on the golf course, doesn’t squander away time joking around and is just prompt enough.

3. Someone Who Helps You Improve Your Game

You need a golf partner who not only keeps great company, but also points out the flaws in your game. It may be hard for you to understand the mistakes that you are making, but a good golf partner will always keep an eye on your play to point out the areas where you can improve.

4. Someone Who Doesn’t Bother You With Unsolicited Suggestions

While you do need a golf partner who gives well-meaning and useful suggestions for improving your game and techniques, you don’t want someone who acts like a know-it-all and keeps interrupting you with unwanted advice. There’s proper time, place and approach for doing everything, including sharing golfing tips. Make sure your golf partner has this subtle art.

5. Someone Who Knows How To Keep Their Temperament

If your golf partner often loses their cool when the game is not going how they like, then maybe it’s time you need a golf partner who can manage the stress of the game more maturely. You don’t want a golf partner who sulks around on low scores and ruins the vibrant energy of the game for everyone else too.

6. Someone Who is Social Enough For The Game Of Golf

You and your golf partner are not going to be the only ones on the course. Golf is a social game and sometimes you may find yourself playing with more crowd than usual. Choose a partner who is comfortable with the social dynamics of the golf game and is appropriately interactive on the golf course.


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